Tuesday, 27 October 2015


So I've just completed the registration form for the certificate..

It's quite the feeling.  I didn't think at the start of the course that I would get this far. I mean I obviously wanted to finish the course but I can procrastinate very efficiently. There were a couple of times where I had to give myself a good talking to, and make myself sit down to complete the Thing. This normally happened when I'd had a look at the task and had a mental blank.  Usually when I sat down and looked at it properly, it was never as bad as I first thought (though the live streaming was touch and go).

Would I recommend the course?  Yes, I would; even to non-librarians. There is so much stuff out there and you don't need to know about it all so it's useful if someone wants to hold your hand along the way. To sort out the rubbish and say 'this might be useful', 'have a go'. It does take self-discipline and enthusiasm. It's a great course - I've said that all the way along. The help and encouragement from the Rudai 23 team was paramount to the success of the course. I've also recommended things like a glossary which might be useful looking back over the tasks.

Will I keep up with the blog? I don't actually know. It's a useful vehicle for recording thoughts and deeper reflective thinking about tasks, courses etc. We've already seen how important that is to our professional development. I can't see me posting to it regularly but who knows!

Thanks go to the Rudai 23 team for organising the course, keeping up to date with all the blogs and commenting on the posts, encouraging, and sourcing materials and information. I would certainly push you to re-run the course; obviously after a well earned rest.


  1. It would be a shame if you didn't blog any further. You have an interesting perspective on things and I've enjoyed following your progress throughout the course.

    Congratulations for getting to the end and conquering your fear of image usage and copyright issues. Do, please, think about keeping it up though.

  2. Thanks Alex! It's been a pleasure reading your posts. Congratulations on finishing all the Things, you really tackled them all so thoroughly, it's been very impressive. #rudai23

  3. Congratulations on finishing Alex. I've really enjoyed reading your blog posts and tweets over the last few months. Thank you for your kind words about the course.